Review of Decision Bar Traders

Decision Bar Trader is my favorite trading method, and I personally use it. Decision Bar was created by a real trader Les Schwartz, who called on many so-called gurus for help.

In my opinion, Les has developed the most sophisticated (and easiest to use) commercial software available to the public. Even if you are a beginner, you only need a couple of hours to master it.

Les has been trading since 1988 and really knows his stuff. Les’s theory is that everything goes down in price. You can only make money by buying less than what you sell. (Or, if you sell short, sell higher than you buy.) Les has built its own system to take advantage of natural entry points for almost any trading instrument. His method makes perfect sense.

It seems almost too easy, and it can be tempting to leave the system. If you continue to teach their system and software, it will be difficult to lose money. The system and software can be used Day trading, longer term trading and options trading.

It is very easy to learn the system and methodology. You can actually negotiate the same day you receive their package.

Les offers a 30-day FREE trial. Submissions, of course, are non-refundable. Decision Bar Trader works for stocks, futures and Forex markets.

As stated above, the Decision Bar is applicable to all time periods and option traders.

The Decision Bar requires a live stream of data if you are trading for the day. I highly recommend using live data feeds even if you are not a day trader. Several live sources are provided as well as a free trial with the system.

The Decision Bar requires a reflection on your part. This is not a black box. Deciding whether or not to trade is easy when you understand the system.

There is a low monthly fee associated with the system, however it is worth it if you are a relatively active trader. Bottom line:

I recommend Les and Decision Bar Trading. With its 30-day Free Trial you have nothing to lose, as you can negotiate the system on paper.