How Cryptocurrency Trading Software is helping your Crypto Platform grow

The cryptocurrency trading software package is an integrated system for managing all aspects of the cryptocurrency trading platform, such as cryptocurrency buying, selling, exchanging, lending, MLM and affiliate management, conversion, live market comparison and analysis, etc.
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Important features to keep in mind:

Buy, Sell, and Exchange: Nishue is an impressive trading management system that provides your users with a smooth and secure methodology for effortlessly buying, selling, and exchanging cryptocurrencies.
Loan system management: This system is fully compliant with the brokerage service. It has a crypto loan service management system, such as managing, maintaining and moderating offers, and so on.

Exclusive Admin Module: Nishue has a secure and advanced Admin Module to control the end of your Cryptocurrency exchange.

Separate customer profile: Separate customer profile module for easy tracking and verification of your users to withdraw all open deposits or requests, Logs, Transactions, etc. with a single click.

MLM and Affiliate Management: This marketing-ready automation tool makes it easy for you to manage your affiliate commission, contribution history, and document management at your wise level.

Market Comparison and Converter: Two additional systems are integrated for live Crypto Comparison, Conversion and Depth analysis.

How Cryptocurrency Trading Software is helping your Crypto Platform grow:

Coin Deposit and Withdrawal: Crypto traders need to maintain a huge deposit and withdrawal request on a daily basis. Support the trading software to manage your business with its automatic implementation algorithm.

Coin Package and Loan Offer: Save your coin package and loan offer at your customer’s fingertips. You can create, manage, and advertise your offering using a well-designed package.

Level-wise commission: Do you follow the MLM strategy to reward your participants and worry about setting up their commission? Okay, they’re ready to automatically calculate their level-wise commission.

Notifications and Risk Management: Each crypto-trading platform needs to set up a push notification system to keep itself and its client up to date on many issues of concern, and thus help eliminate risk. In this case, a system project is absolutely perfect.

Multiple payment gateways: You can integrate your crypto-currency portfolio, local currency, Payeer Even Mobile Banking system into this software as a payment method to make your transactions seamless.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly ROI: Are you concerned about maintaining ROI as you said. This cryptocurrency trading software can automatically calculate ROI, commission and more according to the instructions provided.

Free Responsive Website: It is fully responsive and needs to integrate a dynamic SEO optimized website with our system and is completely free. It will help you manage your business well.

Crypto Comparison, Conversion, and In-Depth Analysis: Crypto is an integrated system for adding live market cap and coin converter for live Crypto comparison, conversion, and in-depth analysis.

100% secure system: A commercial software is designed with the high security issue in mind. Secured Integer framework, two-factor authentication and many other security systems have been applied to this cryptocurrency trading software.

An absolute package for local cryptocurrency trading that allows users to trade Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin Coinbase. Built on the same technology that drives Nishue software, it brings together proven tools in the market that has developed over the past 25 years to provide a better experience for both professional and active cryptocurrency traders than what some cryptocurrency trading solutions currently offer.


Things that look positive in cryptocurrencies

Although there have been market corrections in the cryptocurrency market in 2018, everyone agrees that the best is yet to come. There have been many activities in the market that have changed for the better. With the right analysis and the right dose of optimism, anyone who invests in the crypto market can earn millions. The cryptocurrency market is here for the long term. Here in this article, we provide you with five positive factors that can drive innovation and market value in cryptocurrencies.
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1. Innovation in scaling

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency on the market. It has the highest number of users and the highest value. It dominates the entire value chain of the cryptocurrency system. However, there is no problem. Its main bottleneck is that it can only handle six to seven transactions per second. By comparison, credit card transactions average thousands of seconds. Apparently, there is room for improvement in transaction escalation. With the help of peer-to-peer transaction networks on blockchain technology, it is possible to increase transaction volume per second.
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2. Legitimate ICOs

Although there are cryptocurrencies of stable value in the market, new coins designed for a specific purpose are emerging. Coins like IOTA are a way to help the Internet of Things exchange currency. Some currencies address the issue of cybersecurity by providing digital encrypted vaults to save money.
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New ICOs are creating innovative solutions that break down the existing market and bring new value to transactions. They are also gaining momentum in the market with easy-to-use exchanges and reliable backend operations. They are innovating in terms of technology in terms of the use of specialized hardware for mining and the financial market, giving investors more freedom and opportunity in return.
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3. Clarity of regulations

In the current scenario, most governments are looking at the impact of cryptocurrencies on society and how their benefits can be achieved to the community at large. We can expect that there may be reasonable conclusions based on the results of the studies.
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Few governments are already taking the path of legalizing and regulating crypto markets like any other market. This will prevent the loss of money to ignorant retail investors and protect them from harm. The issue of rules that drive the growth of cryptocurrency is expected to emerge in 2018. This will pave the way for future expansion.
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4. Increase the application

There is great excitement about applying blockchain technology to almost every industry. Some startups are coming up with innovative solutions, such as digital wallets, crypto-currency debit cards, and more. This will increase the number of traders willing to trade in cryptocurrencies, which will increase the number of users.
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The popularity of cryptocurrencies will be strengthened as a transactional medium as more people trust this system. Although some startups may not survive, they will positively contribute to the overall health of the market by creating competition and innovation.
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5. Investment by financial institutions
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Many international banks are watching the cryptocurrency scene. This can lead to institutional investors entering the market. The inflow of large institutional investments will drive the next phase of growth in cryptocurrencies. It has become a favorite of many banking and financial institutions.
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As the unpredictability and fabric of cryptocurrencies diminishes, so will the use of traditional investors. This will lead to greater dynamism and liquidity for the growing financial markets. Cryptocurrency will become the de facto currency for transactions around the world.
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Crypto TREND – Second Edition

At the first edition of CRYPTO TREND we introduced Crypto Currency (CC) and answered several questions about this new market space. There is a lot of NEWS in this market every day. Here are some highlights that allow us to see how new and exciting this market space is:
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The biggest future exchange in the world to create a Bitcoin futures contract

Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) President Terry Duffy said: “I think you’ll see our second week of December [bitcoin futures] hire for the list. Today, you can’t shorten bitcoin, so there’s only one way. You buy it or sell it to someone else. So you create a market on both sides, I think it’s always a lot more efficient. ”
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CME plans to launch Bitcoin futures by the end of the year, pending a regulatory review. If successful, it will give investors a viable way to make Bitcoin “long” or “short”. Some Exchange-Traded Funds vendors have also introduced bitcoin ETFs that track bitcoin futures.
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These developments allow people to invest in the cryptocurrency space without owning a CC or using the services of a CC exchange. Bitcoin futures may make digital assets more useful by allowing users and intermediaries to hedge their currency risks. This could increase the adoption of cryptocurrency by traders who want to accept bitcoin payments but are wary of its volatile value. Institutional investors are also accustomed to trading regulated futures that have no money laundering concerns.
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CME’s move also suggests that bitcoin has become too big to ignore, as the exchange seemed to rule out the future of cryptography in the recent past. Bitcoin is something that everyone in brokerage and trading companies is talking about, which has suffered among the rising but uncommon markets. If futures were to emerge in an exchange, it would be almost impossible for any other exchange, such as CME, to move forward, as scale and liquidity are important in derivatives markets.

“You can’t ignore the fact that this is becoming more and more a story that won’t go away,” Duffy said in an interview with CNBC. There are “major companies” that want access to Bitcoin and there is “high demand” from customers, he said. Duffy also believes that bringing institutional traders to the market could make bitcoin less volatile.

The use of cryptocurrency by the people of Japan to raise capital for the revitalization of municipalities

The Japanese town of Nishiawakura is researching an Initial Coin Offer (ICO) to raise capital to revitalize the city. It is a very innovative approach, and they can ask for support from the national government or seek private investment. Many ICOs have had serious problems, and many investors are skeptical that any new tokens will be of value, especially if the ICO becomes another joke or scam. Bitcoin was certainly no joke.


We didn’t mention the ICO in the first edition of Crypto Trend, so let’s mention it now. Unlike an Initial Public Offering (IPO) where a company sells a real product or service and wants to buy shares in their company, they can have an ICO with the intention of creating someone who wants to start a new Blockchain project. a new token in their chain. ICOs are unregulated and there have been several counterfeits. A legal ICO, however, can raise a lot of money to fund a new Blockchain project and network. It is common for an ICO to generate a high token price near the beginning and then return to reality soon. It’s pretty easy to have an ICO if you know the technology and have a few bucks, there have been a lot of them, and today we have about 800 tokens at stake. All of these tokens have a name, all of them are cryptocurrencies, and with the exception of very popular tokens, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, they are called alt-currencies. Crypto Trend does not currently recommend participating in an ICO, as the risks are very high.

As we said in No. 1, this market is now a “wild west,” and we recommend you be careful. Some investors and first-time users have made huge profits in this market space; however, there are many who have lost, or all of them. The government is looking into the regulations because they want to know about each transaction in order to tax them all. They all owe a lot of money and are in debt.

To date, the cryptocurrency market has avoided many of the financial problems and gaps in government and traditional banking, and Blockchain technology has the potential to solve more problems.

A great feature of Bitcoin is that the creators chose a limited number of coins that could ever be created – 21 million – thus ensuring that this cryptocurrency can never be inflated. Governments can print as much money (fiat currency) as they want and inflate their currency to death.

Future articles will delve into specific recommendations, however, make no mistake, investing in this sector early will only be for your most speculative capital, the money you can lose.

CRYPTO TREND will be your guide if you are willing to invest in this market space and when.

Stay tuned!

Is Bitcoin Collecting Over? Active bargaining for those who bet on the link

The entry of institutional cash is delayed by all accounts, and the purchase of Bitcoin is only the entry of USDT tokens.

Energy buyers may end their days of maximizing charge cards to buy Bitcoin. In fact, Korean markets have also calmed down. However, the exchange of profits, this time with the help of Tether (USDT) resources. At first glance, Bitcoin’s value levels are booming at $ 6,743.53. As Altcoins slipped, Bitcoin maintained its position, expanding its value force back to 43.2% of the aggregate market capitalization of all coins and tokens.

In any case, the goal of this may be to be full of tokens. The printing of the USDT coincided with the rapid movement of Bitcoin, which began in mid-2017. In any case, so far, every infusion of USDT has resulted in an exciting purchase through all other possible avenues. Today, newcomers are looking sideways, or most have lost hope that there will be faster increases in cryptography. However, for committed brokers, using the USDT is another source of revenue.

Although more than $ 2.7 billion was made, not all of them found their way to BTC exchange. Not long ago, the USDT’s bid was close to and below 20% in BTC exchange rates, with strong Japanese Yen, US Dollar, Korean Won and strong currency standards. Anyway, now that the picture has changed so quickly, the couple’s journey is over in a couple of days.

CryptoCompare reports that more than 54% of all BTC exchanges are Tether trades due to Bitfinex’s large exchange offer. It seems that today the crypto market has moved to a phase where all trades are inward, and in the coming years costs will shift depending on the activities of internal cryptography, and not the institutional brokers in the universe of conventional funds.

Half a month ago, Tether went into a bunch of altcoin, and now it looks like the receipts are being diverted to Bitcoin. While this may seem costly, how you look at it also means that for new Bitcoin buyers, once again it is problematic to offer fiat well-being, and they can end up with USDT tokens, which in principle is a money-backed claim, however the procedure is moderate and there is a penalty of value.

Meanwhile, the TrueUSD (TUSD) cryptographic resource saw a supply contract of 88 million to 81 million tokens, as if the tokens were being sung and turned into money. For TUSD, reverse trading should be easier; however, this also means a spillover of digital market assets.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) at Ethereum: The Future of Finance?

Decentralized Finance, or “DeFi” for short, has taken over the world of cryptography and blockchain. However, its latest revival hides its roots in the 2017 bubble season. While everyone and their dogs were making an “Initial Coin Offer,” or ICO, few companies saw the potential of the blockchain beyond a quick price gain. These pioneers envisioned a world where financial applications from trade savings to banking to insurance would all be possible without a middleman in the blockchain.

To understand the potential of this revolution, imagine if you were able to access a savings account that provides 10% of USD 10 per year, but without a bank and with almost no risky funds. Imagine that you can exchange crop insurance with a Ghanaian farmer sitting in your office in Tokyo. Imagine being a marketer and earning quotas as a percentage of what each Citadel would want. Does it sound good to be true? It is not. This future is already here.

DeFi building blocks

Here are some basic DeFi building blocks you need to know before moving on:

  • Doing automated marketing or exchanging one asset with another without reliance on intermediaries or compensation.

  • Excessive collateral or being able to “use your assets” by traders, speculators and long-term holders.

  • Stablecoins or algorithmic assets without the centralized or protected physical assets that follow the price of an underlying one.

Understand how DeFi works

Stablecoins are often used in DeFi because they mimic traditional fiat currencies like the USD. This is an important development because the history of crypto shows how volatile things are. Stable currencies like DAI are designed to track the value of the USD with small deviations, even in strong markets, which means that the price of the crypto will fall like the 2018-2020 bear market.

Lending protocols are usually an interesting development built on stable coins. Imagine if you were able to block your assets worth a million dollars and then borrow them in stable currencies. The protocol will automatically sell your assets if you do not repay the loan when your collateral is insufficient.

Automated market makers form the basis of the entire DeFi ecosystem. Without it, you’re stuck with your brokerage or clearing house or the equity financial system you need to trust in an exchange. Automated marketers or, in short, AMMs allow you to trade one asset with another based on a reserve of two assets in its set. Price discovery occurs through external arbitrage. Liquidity is based on the assets of others and they have access to trading commissions.

You can now get exposure to many of the assets in the Ethereum ecosystem without having to interact with the traditional financial world. You can earn money by lending assets or being a market maker.

For the developing world, it is an amazing innovation, as they now have access to the entire set of developed world financial systems without barriers to access.

Tips for choosing the best crypto signal service

If you look at the market, cryptocurrency can be profitable for you. However, it can sometimes be difficult. Fortunately, if you need help, you can go to cryptographic signal services. The signals they provide can be used to make the right decision at the right time. You can choose from many service providers. Here are some tips to help you choose the right one. Read on to find out more.

Quality of Service

When choosing a service, quality is the first factor to consider. Ideally, the trading platform should have a tremendous success rate in terms of forecasts. In addition to this, it should provide important impetus so that you have a better idea of ​​the market trends and professions.

In addition, you should be able to receive the signal immediately so that you can make the right moves. Your service provider must be able to generate signals as soon as possible.


Please note that the service must be reliable so that you can make your business decisions under their guidance. Therefore, you may want to choose a service that you can rely on. This is the only way to make the right choice and security.

All you have to do is hire a legitimate provider. You will consult expert traders, not automated software.

Free trial

How do you know if a provider is genuine? The best way is to turn their service around. Many providers offer a free trial service. This is true even if you hire any service, not just crypto trading.

The test service will let you know if the service is reliable. Once you’ve tried the service, you can go ahead and pay for it in the long run.


After the trial period, you will have to pay for the service. It is important to note here that providers that offer free crypto signals may not be trusted. In the same way, you may not want to pay a lot of money for probation. In fact, the price of the packages should be fair so that you can enjoy the service without breaking the bank. So you might want to do your homework to get the right service without spending a lot of money.


Although it is very good that their support is available 24 hours a day, the most important thing is to get the right information at the right time. They need to be able to answer your questions until they are happy.

Without reliable customer support, you may not be able to get the most out of your crypto signal service.

In short, if you are hiring a crypto signal service, we encourage you to follow the tips in this article. That way you can make the right choice.

Easy ways to buy and invest in Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a decentralized, peer-to-peer digital currency system designed to enable online users to process transactions through a digital exchange unit known as Bitcoins. In other words, it is a virtual currency.

The Bitcoin system was created in 2009 by an unknown programmer. Since then, Bitcoin has gained a lot of attention, as well as controversy, as an alternative to the U.S. dollar, euro, and commodity currencies such as gold and silver.

Rise to fame

Bitcoin didn’t get much attention in the business and financial world until 2009. It took center stage in the period 2011-2012, when it gained more than 300%. Bitcoin has grown in value by 400% since August last year. As a result, venture capital firms and investors around the world continue to value cryptocurrency.

In the first half of 2014, venture capital firms invested $ 57 million in Bitcoin in the first quarter, and in the second quarter they invested another $ 73 million, a total of $ 130 million, which is 50% more than last year’s $ 88 million. This is in stark contrast to the 2012 scenario, where Bitcoin companies raised a relatively meager $ 2.2 billion.

These statistics certainly prove that Bitcoin is worth your investment, which begs the question: how can you buy and invest in Bitcoin?

A guide for novice Bitcoin investors

The easiest and most complicated way to invest in Bitcoin is to buy bitcoins. There are many established companies, especially in the US and abroad, that are involved in the business of buying and selling bitcoins, abbreviated as BTC.


If you live in the US, Coinbase is the place for you. Coinbase offers its customers BTC at a 1% mark compared to the existing market price. U.S. residents can sync their Coinbase wallets with their bank accounts. As a result, future payment transfers go smoothly. This company also allows you to buy bitcoin automatically from time to time. For example, if you are interested in buying $ 50 bitcoins at the beginning of each month, Coinbase allows you to set up an automatic purchase for that amount.

Please note the terms and conditions before using this service. If you are subscribed to an automatic bit currency service, you will not be able to control the monthly BTC purchase price. Please note that Coinbase does not operate as a Bitcoin exchange, which means that you buy and sell coins directly from the company. Because the company needs to obtain coins from other buyers, you may experience delays or interruptions in the rapid movement of the market when placing orders.


BitStamp adapts to the requirements of a regular bitcoin exchange. Bitcoin acts as an intermediary, allowing you to trade with other users and not the company. There is more liquidity here and you always have a good chance of finding someone who is willing to negotiate with you. There is a starting fee of 0.5%, which can be reduced to 0.2% if you trade $ 150,000 within 30 days.

Alternative ways to buy bitcoins

Local Bitcoin

Exchange is not the only way to invest in bitcoin. Local Bitcoin is often used to buy BTC offline. The website is designed to connect buyers and sellers. Bitcoin is the seller’s deposit in a bond and can only be released to buyers.

Buying bitcoins offline is not always very reliable or secure. That’s why it’s best to get to know the vendors throughout the day and let a friend tag you if things are going south.

Bitcoin is not just a modern trend. Venture capital companies believe that Bitcoin is a decent alternative to the traditional currency in the long run. There are ways to get Bitcoin into the realm of investing. As mentioned earlier, Coinbase, BitStamp, and Local Bitcoins are the most popular channels for investing in bitcoin in the United States. Do your homework and find out which avenue fills all your boxes.

Practical Tips on How to Trade Cryptocurrencies

For a long time, I have been closely monitoring the performance of cryptocurrencies to see where the market is going. The primary school teacher taught me the routine: where you wake up, pray, brush your teeth, and eat breakfast has changed a bit to wake up, pray, and then go online (from the coinmarketcap) to find out what the cryptocurrencies are. Red.

The start of 2018 was not a nice one for altcoins and related assets. Their performance was hampered by the frequent opinions of bankers who were about to burst the cryptocurrency bubble. However, passionate followers of cryptocurrencies are still “HODLing” and are actually receiving a great deal.

Recently, Bitcoin returned to almost $ 5000; Bitcoin Cash approached $ 500 Ethereum found peace at $ 300. They got almost all the coins from the newcomers who were still in the excitement phase. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is up and running again and is selling for $ 8900. Many other cryptocurrencies have doubled since the start of the upward trend and the market limit is resting at $ 400 billion since the last peak of $ 250 billion.

If you are slowly heating up your cryptocurrency and want to be a successful trader, the tips below will help you.

Practical tips for trading cryptocurrencies

• Shelf start

You’ve already heard that cryptocurrency prices are going up. You’ve probably heard that this upward trend won’t last long. Some negatives, mostly esteemed bankers and economists, usually refer to it as a rich-quick scheme with no stable base.

You can quickly reverse this news and not apply moderation. A small study of the currencies that are worthwhile for market trends and investment reasons can guarantee you a good return. Whatever you do, don’t invest all your hard-earned money in these assets.

• Understand how exchanges work

I recently saw a friend of mine go on to negotiate an exchange about a friend who posted a feed on Facebook, he had no idea how it worked. This is a dangerous move. Always review the site you want to use before you register, or at least before you start trading. If they offer a fixed gaming account, take advantage of this opportunity to get to know what the dashboard looks like.

• Don’t insist on negotiating everything

There are more than 1,400 cryptocurrencies to trade, but it is impossible to deal with all of them. Expanding your portfolio to a larger number of cryptocurrencies than you can effectively manage will reduce your profits. Select some of them, read more about them and how to get trading signals.

• Stay alone

Cryptocurrencies are volatile. This is their misfortune and benefit. As a trader, you need to understand that wild prices are inevitable. The uncertainty of knowing when to make a move makes you an effective trader. Take advantage of hard data and other research methods to ensure when a trade is to run.

Successful traders are present at various online forums where cryptocurrency discussions on market trends and signals are discussed. Sure, your knowledge may be good enough, but you need to rely on other merchants for more relevant data.

• Diversify sensibly

Almost everyone will tell you to expand your wallet, but no one will remind you to deal with coins that have real-world uses. There are some cheap coins you can deal with for a quick buck, but the best crypts to deal with are the ones that fix the problems. Coins with real-world uses have not been so volatile.

Don’t diversify too soon or too late. And before you make any move to buy any cryptocurrency asset, make sure you know its market capital, price changes, and daily trading volumes. Maintaining a healthy portfolio is the way to get the most out of these digital assets.

DigitalTicks Exchange – Advanced cryptocurrency exchange

DigitalTicksExchange: Advanced cryptocurrency exchange !!!

DigitalTicksExchange is not another crypto-trading platform. It’s designed for retailers. The creation of the idea began in December 2017. DigitalTicksExchangeteam will create the FIRST COMMODITY CRYPTO EXCHANGE EVER. The group aims to provide the best trading platform for the cryptocurrency market.

The mission and vision of DigitalTicksExchange

With the main goal of being one of the top 3 cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of market capitalization, the team has deployed the strongest, strongest and best technology required by an advanced cryptocurrency trading 2018 for the best online trading. cryptocurrency platform. Our team is dedicated to providing traders and brokers with the most customizable exchange platform so that they can take a step towards a single exchange that is easy to use with the ease of trading cryptocurrencies and commodities.

As the number of cryptocurrencies around the world grows, the cryptocurrency market has attracted many new users to trade these currencies, but the main challenge of any cryptocurrency is to deal with the security of the exchange and thus build trust and confidence. trust in the minds of end users. DigitalTicksExchange aims to be one of the most trusted digital currencies in the world with its multi-cryptocurrency wallet exchange and advanced Security Audit systems and regular vulnerability testing.

The DigitalTicksExchange team is made up of merchants and industry. Entrepreneurs, Blockchain fans. To make the exchange a success, innovative DigitalTicksExchange developers have put all their extra effort into understanding the needs and requirements of merchants, from beginners to professionals. The platform is customized to be easy to use for all market participants be it Hedger, Scalper, Arbitrager or Speculator.

Here is a list of special features that DigitalTicksExchange would offer

Semi-algorithm functionality

Single-order portfolio view

Keyboard shortcut function

Multiple trading tools

Compatibility of multiple devices

DigitalTicksExchange Token (DTx)

DTx is a DigitalTicksExchange UTILITY Token. The DTx Utility token can be purchased using Bitcoin, Ethereum, and bank transfers. The pre-sale of this token started on March 25, 2018 and the public sale on April 15, 2018. The sale of tokens ended on June 15, 2018.

The team is pleased to announce the successful sale of Tokens. The token sales team has sold a total of 64 million tokens, raising $ 30 million. There are now 30,000 more members in the DigitalTicks community and the number is growing much faster.

Advantages of DigitalTicksExchange Trading

DigitalTicksExchange’s trading platform is much smoother and provides an excellent User Interface with the many functionalities required by traders. One of the main advantages of using our platform is that the exchange will not charge a transaction fee for the first few months. This can be a great opportunity for high frequency traders. We will also provide volume-based incentives to these high-frequency retailers. We love our users and want to create a fair market for all registered users by helping them trade in exchange for cryptocurrency, providing regular research reports prepared by our team of expert researchers.


With incentives like the Volume-Based Model, Maker-Taker Concept DigitalTicksExchange offers ease of trading and charges a fair price for trading. With the goal of being on top, DigitalTicksExchangeteam is dedicated to providing all the tools and support that any of its traders need to trade the cryptocurrency market. The exchange will be fully developed and launched by or before the end of August 2018. The group believes that DigitalTicksExchange would be the most advanced cryptocurrency exchange platform for trading different cryptocurrencies – cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency commodities !!!!

The Wild West Crypto Show continues

Here’s a frequently asked question: How do I choose which currency to invest in – aren’t they the same?

There is no doubt that Bitcoin has taken over the lion’s share of the cryptocurrency (CC) market, and this is largely due to FAME. This phenomenon is similar to what happens in national politics around the world, where a candidate captures a majority of votes based on FAME, rather than a proven ability or ability to govern a nation. Bitcoin is a pioneer in this market space and continues to gather almost all market holders. This FAME does not mean that it is perfect for work, and it is well known that Bitcoin has its limitations and problems to be solved, however, there is disagreement in the world of Bitcoin about the best way to solve problems. As the problems escalate, there is a constant opportunity for developers to launch new coins that address specific situations and thus differentiate them from the other 1300 coins in this market space. Let’s look at the two opponents of Bitcoin and see how they differ from Bitcoin and from each other:

Ethereum (ETH) – The Ethereum coin is known as ETHER. The main difference with Bitcoin is that Ethereum uses “smart contracts”, which are objects with Ethereum blockchain accounts. Smart contracts are defined by their creators and can interact with other contracts, make decisions, store data, and send ETHER to others. The execution and services they offer are provided by Ethereum networks, all of which are above what Bitcoin or any other blockchain network can do. Smart Contracts can act as your standalone agent, spending money following your instructions and rules and initiating other transactions on the Ethereum network.

Ripple (XRP) – This coin and Ripple network have special features that make it much more than a digital currency like Bitcoin. Ripple has developed the Ripple Transaction Protocol (RTXP), a powerful financial tool that allows you to transfer funds quickly and efficiently through Ripple network exchanges. The basic idea is to put money into “passwords” where only those who know the password can unlock funds. This opens up great opportunities for financial institutions, facilitating cross-border payments, reducing costs and providing transparency and security. All of this is done with the creative and intelligent use of blockchain technology.

The mainstream media is covering this market with the latest news almost every day, however, their stories have little depth … most of them are just dramatic headlines.

Wild West shows continue …

An average of 5 crypto / blockchain shares are selected % 109 since December 11/17. The wild doubts continue to revolve on a daily basis. Yesterday we had South Korea and China as the last to try to get rid of the cryptocurrency boom.

On Thursday, South Korean Justice Minister Park Sang-ki said global bitcoin prices were temporarily declining and virtual currency markets were shaken when regulators said they were preparing legislation to ban cryptocurrency trading. Later that day, the South Korean Ministry of Strategy and Finance, one of the main members of the South Korean government’s cryptocurrency regulation working group, came out and told its department. disagrees Early statements by the Ministry of Justice about the ban on cryptocurrency trading.

Although the South Korean government says it is just a cryptocurrency trading game, and they are concerned that the industry will leave many citizens in the homes of the poor, their real concern is to lose tax revenue. This is the same concern that all governments have.

China has become one of the world’s largest sources of cryptocurrency mining, but now the government is said to be regulating the electricity used by mining computers. Today, more than 80% of Bitcoin’s electricity comes from China. By shutting down miners, the government would find it more difficult for Bitcoin users to verify transactions. Mining operations will be relocated, but China is particularly attractive due to its very low electricity and land costs. If China continues with this threat, there will be a temporary loss of mining capacity, which will see Bitcoin users see longer timers and higher transaction verification costs.

This wild ride will continue, and like the internet boom, we will see some big winners, and finally some big losers. Also, like the internet boom, or like the uranium boom, those who enter early will move forward, and massive investors always show up at the end, buying at the top.

Stay tuned!

Bull market early or bear market trap?

For virtual currency investors, the most important question is whether this round of rising currency prices is a resurgence of the bull market or a trap for the bear market.

Yesterday evening, Bitcoin rose in price in a single hour. The price rose to a maximum of $ 8,100 from the $ 6,800 violence. It rose by almost 20% during the day. Under the guidance of Bitcoin, other virtual currencies also bounced back, with a single currency gain of over 50%. Faced with the collective warming of the virtual currency market, many investors shouted that “the bull market is back”.

According to data from the CoinMarketCap website, the market value of Bitcoin increased by almost $ 20 billion in one day, and the entire virtual currency market experienced an overall growth of the market. There was no “search” effect. With the daily transaction volume of Bitcoin, more than US $ 9 billion, billions of additional funds should have entered the market yesterday instead of equity funds.

In fact, during the rise of Bitcoin, Bitfinex, a digital currency trading platform, also recorded a large number of purchases. With the rise in buying bitcoins, many shorts were forced to close their positions, further expanding the upward trend of the market. Nick Kirk, director of data at Cypher Capital, also expressed approval for the phenomenon. At the same time, he also believes that this sharp rebound is likely to be a response to the release of early regulatory pressures.

Pantera Capital Management, one of the largest hedge funds for digital currency, said Bitcoin has hit rock bottom. The US $ 6,500 is a low point for the Bitcoin bear market. Bitcoin will be above that price for most of this year and may even surpass the US $ 20,000 record last year.

Founder Tom Lee Fundstrat also expressed confidence in Bitcoin. He believes that the current Bitcoin P / B ratio and other indicators are almost the same as at the end of the 2014 bear market, and has completed a major technical correction. Based on that, he noted that the value of Bitcoin could rise more than threefold this year to $ 25,000 by the end of this year.

Historical data shows that Bitcoin rose in the second quarter of the calendar year. In the second quarter of 2011, Bitcoin rose by 1964%, 36.25% in 2012 … 61.98% in 2016 and 131% in 2017.

Of course, the volume of Bitcoin OTC also shows signs of market recovery. Since March, Bitcoin trading volumes have risen and reached record highs in Canada, Europe, Vietnam, Mexico and Vietnam.

With the huge approval of the giant Soros hedge fund and the financial groups of the major Rockefeller families, the financial size of the virtual money market will expand further.

However, it is worth noting that although Bitcoin is currently on the rise, it is still in a downward trend channel and has not yet been effectively broken. It remains to be seen whether the virtual currency market has actually been overthrown. Investors should always be vigilant and pay attention to position management.

More importantly, the world’s major Bitcoin markets, including the United States, have sought to establish regulatory frameworks. Uncertainty of regulation will inevitably have a greater impact on the short-term development of the virtual currency market. In the long run, an orderly and healthy market can go even further.

Can I Create My Cryptocurrency?

Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to making your own cryptocurrency.

Build a Blockchain

The first step in creating the best cryptocurrency is to build a blockchain. Blockchain technology is the cryptocurrency you see in the world today. A blockchain contains the details of each cryptocurrency.

This is a book that shows the background of each cryptocurrency you have. It also shows more details about who owned the cryptocurrency before you. The best cryptocurrencies have very efficient blockchain technology.


All the software you see on the Internet is coded. This is the case with cryptocurrency. Fortunately, most cryptocurrencies are made using the same code. Mostly cryptocurrencies are made using C ++ code. You can outsource all the code you need from GitHub and use it to make your own cryptocurrency. However, the code will differ from your details. If your blockchain is longer and faster, you need to add programs to it. Generally, programs can change from one week to a few months when making a blockchain.

To make the best cryptocurrency, you need to make sure that it has the highest level of security that can be observed. Hackers are everywhere and it is always your job to alienate hackers. One powerful tool used to alienate hackers is to use both private and public keys. This is because each key is generated from the previous key. Through cryptography, each key can be tracked from the first transaction made.

You should also make sure that you create a set of miners. For a stable cryptocurrency like Bitcoin? anyone can be a miner. A miner does two things.

-Creates crypto currency

-Authenticates cryptocurrency.

You need to complete a standard way to create and authenticate your cryptocurrency.

Access the needs of the market

Many cryptocurrency experts have said that the most important thing is to access the needs of the market. You should be enthusiastic and see what other cryptocurrencies don’t offer and offer it yourself. If we look at the largest cryptocurrency on the market today, bitcoin.

It was created to bring a faster transaction to the online world. Bitcoin also gained a lot of recognition for being able to hide the identity of its users. They remained anonymous, but a legal transaction could still be made. These are the most important parts to consider when creating a cryptocurrency.

To be a very successful cryptocurrency, you need to make sure that you are able to do the right marketing for your cryptocurrency. This means going to the merchants and asking them to accept your cryptocurrency as a payment method. These are generally some of the best ways to create a cryptocurrency.

Crypto Currency Vs Fiat Currency

Crypto currency vs Fiat currency

Do you know fiat currency and cryptocurrency? Both are currencies in one way or another and are open to public use around the world. But both are different and different in their own way. There is always one group that favors the use of cryptocurrencies, while the other has a smooth corner for fiat currencies.

In a cashless society, cryptocurrency plays a big role

If you take a look at the market in the 1970s and 1980s, cash played a major role. But with the change in technology, electronic transactions have become commonplace. Today, more and more people are being driven to become a society without money. With the advancement of a cashless society, cryptocurrencies play an important role.

Crypto currency and fiat currency are always in conflict

Cryptocurrency and fiat currency are popular types of digital currency, especially when it comes to an online transaction. Both are currencies that are currently in use in the market but have some differences. There are a lot of ads you hear every day comparing cryptocurrency and fiat money. This article will highlight the difference between the two in a broader and clearer way.

Distinguish between what currencies represent

Before you go looking for the difference between the two, you need to understand what they mean and how they are defined.

Fiat currency is legal tender with the support of the central government, and it works in physical form. For example, the US dollar, the British pound, the euro, etc. On the other hand, cryptocurrency is illegal money and does not have the backing of the central government or the bank.

Therefore, the difference between cryptocurrency and fiat currency is as follows:

• Cryptocurrencies are decentralized and global. There is no entity or government that controls money by their laws and regulations. Fiat’s currency is centralized, controlled by the laws and regulations of banks and government.

• Cryptocurrencies only exist in the digital domain. On the other hand, you will find that fiat coins have a tangible and physical existence.

• The maximum supply of cryptocurrencies on the market is limited. Fiat has an unlimited supply of money, as the government and the bank have the right to produce coins and paper money whenever the situation requires it.

• Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are generated by computers, and fiat currencies are issued by local governments and banks.

• Cryptocurrencies are presented as public and private codes. On the other hand, fiat coins are presented in the form of coins and paper money.

• The value of cryptocurrencies is not recognized in terms of market supply and demand. On the other hand, the value of fiat currency is determined by the regulations of the supply and demand market.

Different types of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies

Over the last decade, the popularity of cryptocurrencies has been a huge success. It was in 2009, when Bitcoin was first introduced, and many other types of cryptocurrencies were created. Starting with Litecoin. Dogecoin, Ripple to the Dcash and Zcash, there are many. On the other hand, the fiat currency has rich and old roots, with the Great British Pound dating back to 775 Ko. It is considered the oldest currency in the world.

Differences in anonymity between the two currencies

When using Fiat currency, you must perform a user identification or verification process. We ask you to upload your latest photo and some documents to be provided by the public authorities. You do not have to complete any of the required processes with cryptocurrencies. Although your personal information and confidentiality are not publicly available, all your transactions are recorded and tracked in both fiat and crypto currencies.

Fiat currency vs crypto currency: level of transparency

• Crypto-currencies are considered to be more transparent. This is because the revenue is displayed in a public channel. Each can witness the transactions of himself and others.

• Fiat or govt. currencies are not transparent because there are no public channels to see people’s income.

Comparative historical roots

If you compare cryptocurrency with its counterpart, fiat or government currency, you will see that their existence and creation make a difference. Fiat, or government currency, was created in 775 with the introduction of the British Pound. This is why it is very easy for people to accept fiat currency.

On the other hand, the cryptocurrency was first introduced only a decade ago, with the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009. The challenge facing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is the growing popularity of fiat currency and more and more fans. . Crypto currency is certainly gaining importance and popularity in the economic market, but it is not yet accepted in society as a fiat currency.

Comparative history of two currencies:

• It was in the 11th century that the Chinese Song Dynasty was the first to issue paper money. It was not allowed to exchange gold and silver or silk.

• There were Tally sticks that were introduced as a fiat or government currency. 1100 Tally sticks were introduced as a fight against gold scarcity.

• 1971 was the year in which fiat currency received worldwide recognition. It was introduced by President Nixon to eliminate the gold bond system.

• Wei Daik was born in 1998 with the idea of ​​an anonymous ATM system. Bitgold’s first cryptocurrency was created by Nick Szabo, but it didn’t get as much attention as Bitcoin.

• In 2009, when Bitcoin entered the market, it became the first widely accepted cryptocurrency in the world. In 2011 and beyond, several other cryptocurrencies were introduced. Popular names include Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Zcash, Dash and more.

Characteristics of both currencies

The potential of crypto-currency and fiat currencies is important to access their characteristics. In some criteria, you will see that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are larger than fiat or government currency, and in some cases, it exceeds the latter. It is entirely up to you to choose the type of currency (crypto currency or fiat currency) according to your personal needs and requirements.

Let’s compare their characteristics with different factors.

• Both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies are exchangeable.

• In terms of portability, the two currencies ensure approximately the same position.

• In terms of non-consumable criteria, cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies have the same status.

• Crypto-currencies are more durable than fiat currencies with a moderate level of sustainability.

• Both virtual cryptocurrencies and fiat or government currencies guarantee secure and secure transactions and exchanges.

• Crypto or digital currencies are highly divisive in nature. On the other hand, fiat currencies are moderately divisible.

• In terms of the transaction process, cryptocurrencies are simple and hassle-free. On the other hand, the process of traction associated with currency fiat is easy, but not like cryptocurrencies.

• Crypto-based currencies are decentralized and global in nature, unlike fiat currencies which are centralized and operate in accordance with government laws and regulations.

• Crypto-based currencies are in short supply, where fiat currencies are indefinite, so the government can issue coins and paper money whenever needed.

• Crypto-based currencies are based on mathematical algorithms and are programmable. Fiat currencies are not programmable at all.

• Fiat currencies are sovereign in nature, while cryptocurrencies are not.

Coin operation process

You can find great differences between crypto or digital currency and fiat currency with both the way it works and the transaction process that takes place. They have a contrasting nature. Transferring money using Bitcoin is very fast, and you don’t need a third party.

On the other hand, if you participate in the exchange using a Fiat-type currency, a mobile wallet is used. You can exchange an amount of money that is transferred in the same electronic value. Both fiat and crypto currencies allow you to buy everything you want. But the processes involved are completely different from each other.

Depending on the things you buy, you will see that one form of currency is better than another. This is absolutely your choice.

Is Bitcoin better than fiat currency?

The long-term benefits and capability of Bitcoins have not yet been established. But currency gurus and experts have predicted that they will go a long way, especially in reversing the way online transactions are conducted. In today’s market, Bitcoin is mostly introduced in online casinos and games, but it is not limited to that.

Moreover, when you compare fiat currencies, Bitcoin allows you to take power and authority over banks and the government, as it is out of control. Cryptography-based currency has the ability to generate or generate free market capital. Fiat currency is affected by inflation and market changes, unlike crypto-based currencies. With these aspects in mind, individuals believe that cryptocurrencies will soon take over the major currencies and bring about a transformation in the way money is used.

Why is Bitcoins considered a better aspect than fiat currencies?

• Bitcoin allows you to recreate free market capitalism.

• The power to control money belongs entirely to the individual, not to the banks as fiat currencies.

• When there is inflation, Bitcoin is not affected. But it will be easier for Fiat to lose money and be affected.

• Bitcoin is easier to exchange and transfer than fiat or government currency.

• Bitcoin-related transaction fees are much cheaper and easily cheaper.

Cryptocurrency seems to be a good option among the people

Fiat-type currencies are a centralized and legal way of exchanging money. But cryptocurrencies have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. There will never be anyone who would act as a mediator, as is the case with banks. Moreover, cryptocurrencies are much cheaper and more expensive than conventional currencies.

Send money anywhere without waiting for bank approval

You can send money directly to anyone in the world, and it’s very fast. The money will be cleared in a few minutes. You don’t have to wait for the usual clearing and verification processes for banking systems, as it takes several days to get permission. Because it is decentralized and not subject to government laws and regulations, no one has the power to do anything with your account.

Blockchain technology plays a very important role

Cryptocurrency gives us the power and authority to be our own bank and to control our finances. It’s because of the blockchain technology that offers a higher level of sophistication in dealing with finance. In fact, there are some major financial industries that have begun to incorporate the idea of ​​technology.